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Time To Clean Your Database!

January is a perfect time to do some planning and maintenance as you set the release and club schedules for the year.  Part of your housekeeping this time of year should include a thorough cleaning of your database. Make sure all your mailing list entries are grammatically correct.  This is especially important if you have […]

The Advantage of Different Format Bottles

I am often asked by clients about the best way to market large or small format bottles – based on some demand from the market as well as consumers, wineries will make a lot or make a few of these specialty bottles.  Whatever the quantity, they can really boost your direct sales program if they […]

Share Harvest With Your Customers

Harvest is the most exciting time of year in the wine country – the smell of crushed and fermenting grapes wafts through the air and trucks hauling loads of freshly picked fruit are seen everywhere.  It is also the busiest tourist season in wine country – people interested in how wine is actually made love […]

Collecting Customer Data

Growing your database should be one of your key objectives for your direct sales program.  As we head into the busy fall visitor season, you may want to review your customer data collection techniques to make sure you are capturing key information on customers so you can continue to keep them engaged with your brand. […]

Planning To Be Successful

In the first two sessions of our Webinar Series, we highlighted the fact that for a direct to consumer program to be successful, planning is important.  Whether you have an existing program or are just starting out, it is necessary to have goals in place and constantly measure the effectiveness of your program. As we […]

Spring Releases

Back in the old days (10 years ago), everyone released their signature wines in the fall.  Now, many wineries are highlighting their premium wines in the spring, taking advantage of the fact people are coming out of their hibernation as the weather warms up and are moving past the painful expenses of the holiday season, […]

Time for Fall Releases!

October typically marks the beginning of the fall wine release season – the weather has cooled down enough to ship to most states, people are flocking to wine regions to experience crush first hand and upcoming holiday season festivities are lurking in the back of the minds of consumers (what should I pour with the […]

Email Topics: Mix It Up!

As you gear up for the busy fall harvest and holiday season, do a quick assessment of your planned email campaigns to your customer list.  Make sure you have a good mix topics: Events – Make them enticing with a “theme” and, if you are charging, allow the customer to buy tickets online beforehand.  This […]

Christmas in July

“Christmas in July” – we have all heard the phrase and cringe when we know others are starting to plan for the holidays.  But in the wine business it is important to plan ahead and set your calendar for the coming months, especially for direct wine sales. The fourth quarter of the year usually makes […]

Formatting Your Email Campaigns

One of the more popular sessions presented at the January Direct to Consumer Wine Symposium was about eCommerce, including how to format your email communications. Nyk King, Direct to Consumer Marketing Manager for Terlato Wine Group, gave some great examples of what to do (and not do!) when creating your email campaigns to avoid having […]

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