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New Year, New Focus

January is traditionally the slowest sales month of the year, so it is a good time to shift focus from sales to planning.  It is an opportunity to reorganize, adjust and revisit your current direct-to-consumer program.  Is your wine club working for you and your customers?  Is your release schedule going to stay the same?  […]

Print is dead. Or is it?

The world is turning more and more to digital content – it is easy and inexpensive to produce, access, and promote.  But print materials should still be a integral part of your direct to consumer experience.  Here are some ways to maximize the use of print collateral to help engage your customers: The Wine Club […]

Take Advantage of the Holiday Season

Now that the holidays are actually within reach, it is time to bring out all your marketing tactics in order to capitalize upon the season.  The fourth quarter of the year is the biggest, so don’t miss out on opportunities to serve your customers and fulfill their holiday shopping list. Here are some suggestions to […]

Spring Releases

Back in the old days (10 years ago), everyone released their signature wines in the fall.  Now, many wineries are highlighting their premium wines in the spring, taking advantage of the fact people are coming out of their hibernation as the weather warms up and are moving past the painful expenses of the holiday season, […]

Christmas in July

“Christmas in July” – we have all heard the phrase and cringe when we know others are starting to plan for the holidays.  But in the wine business it is important to plan ahead and set your calendar for the coming months, especially for direct wine sales. The fourth quarter of the year usually makes […]

The Challenges of Summer Shipping

This time of year is always difficult for direct sales of wine, especially to customers in states that heat up during the summer months.  Heat can cause the liquid to expand, pushing the corks up out of the bottle, resulting in leakage and damage to the wine’s structure. How can you combat the heat?  Several […]

A New Year, A Fresh Message

Another year has passed and we once again have the opportunity to create a fresh start.  Never mind all those resolutions from last year that went by the wayside by February – we can clean the slate and begin again. January is always a great time to reinvent yourself – and the same applies to […]

Spring Releases – Is It Too Soon?

In addition longer days, warmer weather and budding vines, Spring is a great time for wine releases.  Consumers have gotten over the shock of their holiday spending and are looking for new wines to enjoy.  When is a good time for release? The answer to that is all about shipping – the past couple of […]

Facing the Challenges of Shipping – 4 Steps for Small Wineries

Shipping wine directly to consumers across state lines continues to be a hot topic in the wine industry.  With the implementation of the so-called “Bush Bill” in 2006, each state now has the ability to regulate the laws in their own state – a double-edged sword.  With new legislation comes new compliance regulations that can […]

Heat Holds

Summertime is a great time of year – the sun is shining, the flowers are in bloom, fresh vegetables abound and the high temperatures helps ripen the grapes for the harvest.  The downside of  summer is not being able to safely ship wine without danger of heat damage.   Being able to manage heat holds is always a […]

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