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Designing for Mobile

We all know that mobile technology is here to stay – with the popularity of smart phones, iPads and other portable devices, people won’t leave home without them.  This provides a great opportunity for wineries to jump on board and engage consumers, both during and after their visit to the winery.

You can design a specific mobile app for your winery that can be used on smart phones and devices but that can be costly, both on a development and maintenance level.  If you don’t have the budget for that type of investment or you are not sure of the effectiveness of such an application, you can start by making  sure your website is “mobile friendly”, which mean if a customer pulls it up on their phone (either through a browser or a gateway app), the page is easy to read and navigate on any size portable device.

One of my web designers suggests using Mobify, an application that creates a mobile version of your website. There is no need to maintain two websites – if you update your regular website, the update is automatically transferred to your mobile site.  Pretty cool concept.  I am sure there are many other tools out there that will do the same thing – do some research and find one that will work for you.

If you provide a clean, easy way to connect your website with your mobile users, they will continue to view and download information no matter where are – in your tasting room, on their couch or at the wine store.


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