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The Power of Tweeting

Last weekend I attended my first Wine Bloggers Conference (it was their 4th annual meeting) and was fascinated by the technology in play by the attendees.  All the conference tables  had their own power strips and each attendee had at least one (but usually two) devices from which they were tweeting and posting throughout the sessions.   At the end of the weekend, Joel Vincent, co-creator of the event, suggested that over 10,000,000 million impressions were generated from the hashtag #wbc11 – yes, 10 MILLION!

How does this benefit wineries?  If you were mentioned in any of the tens of thousands of tweets this past weekend, think of the reach that gives your brand.  The more your name is out there, the more interest is generated in your wine, both directly and in the market.  And the best part of all of this:  there is very little cost to maintaining a presence and joining in on the conversation.  You do need to monitor your account, jump in with relevant information and become part of the online community – if you are a small brand and don’t have access to the technology or time to invest, outsource that communication to a professional who can help promote your brand.

Happy Tweeting!


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