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A New Year, A Fresh Message

Another year has passed and we once again have the opportunity to create a fresh start.  Never mind all those resolutions from last year that went by the wayside by February – we can clean the slate and begin again.

January is always a great time to reinvent yourself – and the same applies to your winery.  The vines are dormant and sales are a bit sluggish right after the holidays, so there should be some time to devote to reviewing all your marketing materials and communications.

  • Is your message still relevant? Fresh, interesting and exciting content will keep your customers coming back for information AND wine.
  • Have you added any wines or secondary brands that may need a boost? Make sure all your wines are front and center and that the stories are interesting and engaging.  If you need to reorganize your offerings or get a new look for a page or two, now is it the time!
  • Update your website -  take a look at your website and make sure all the information is updated – add upcoming events, releases and other wine news and set a schedule to keep it updated throughout the year.  Also, make sure your website is mobile-friendly – there are plenty of resources out there to help streamline the process.
  • Create a social media strategy - now is a great time to review your social media choices and build a winning strategy that will boost your image and your sales.
  • Have you added all your social media icons and contact information to your website? It is critical for your customers to be able to find you easily and quickly, so make sure your social media links are front and center on your website.
  • Review your shipping permits – are there any states that you should be shipping into but don’t have the proper permits?  Now is a great time to double check the laws and get your winery compliant.
  • Clean your database -  go through your database and evaluate who is buying, eliminate and/or correct invalid information and make sure that you are ready for any upcoming spring releases.

Use this time of year to review last year and make a plan for this year – best wishes for 2012!


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