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Making the Most of your Special Event

We all know how important special events are to engage your current customers and develop relationship with new customers but are you getting the most out of your event?  Here are some ideas to make sure that the time, effort and money are worth it:

1)  Define your purpose and your audience.  Is this a Wine Club party?  A release party?  Build your event around the purpose and make sure that your audience understands the purpose.

2) Have a theme.  Since yesterday was Cinco de Mayo, I will use that as an example:  Mexican food, decorations, a Mariachi band and that perfect wine that complements it all.  Encourage guests to wear their somberos and ponchos.

3)  Offer something they can’t always get.  Feature a library or limited production wine that is not readily available – or offer wines at a significant discount for the day.  Be sure to give them a reason to attend.

4) Don’t be greedy.  I always suggest that clients view a special event as an opportunity to sell wine vs. making money off tickets.  Make sure you are covering your costs but don’t charge too much for the entry fee – if someone pays a lot for an event, they don’t feel as obligated to purchase wine.

5) Promote, promote, promote.  Make sure your event is on your website, social media and in print.  There is nothing worse than having a party and having no one show up, so get the word out!


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