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Time for Fall Releases!

October typically marks the beginning of the fall wine release season – the weather has cooled down enough to ship to most states, people are flocking to wine regions to experience crush first hand and upcoming holiday season festivities are lurking in the back of the minds of consumers (what should I pour with the Thanksgiving turkey this year?).

The fourth quarter of the year is a great time for wine promotion, so if you don’t have a release (or re-release) planned, now is the time to put one in motion.  Highlight the selected wine with active and professional bottle shots and include label images to reinforce your brand identity.  Everyone appreciates tasting notes – it gives them confidence as they share the wine with friends and family – and food pairing suggestions are always welcome (a side note:  did you know that if you have a recipe section on your website, it may be attracting the most attention by search engines?  Check your Google Analytics and see how many people have visited your food page!).

So take advantage of this special (harvest) time of year and get your wine out there in front of your customers, driving them to your tasting rooms and online stores.  Not quite ready to release?  Harvest events are great way to share the success of the growing season – whether your harvest party is for everyone or just the harvest crew, be sure to let people know that you have once again completed a great year.  The romance of the wine business is at your fingertips, so be sure to share it with all your fans with pictures and stories of crush on social media and your website.


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