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Spring Releases

Back in the old days (10 years ago), everyone released their signature wines in the fall.  Now, many wineries are highlighting their premium wines in the spring, taking advantage of the fact people are coming out of their hibernation as the weather warms up and are moving past the painful expenses of the holiday season, ready to buy some wine.  When to release a wine is primarily dependent on the winemaker’s assessment – I say primarily because often the winemaker is sometimes overruled by basic financial cash flow – labeling, bottling and packaging also play a factor in the release schedule.

When scheduling your spring release , it is important to:

Make sure you ship shortly after receiving orders – in this world of instant gratification, taking money too far ahead of the product release will result in customer dissatisfaction

Let your fulfillment house know your approximate schedule, even if it is not set in stone

Take the weather into account – there is a nice window of opportunity in the spring with moderate temperatures which allows you to ship without too many constraints or use of special packaging and shipping

Feature white and lighter wines, if possible – the warmer weather of the coming months is this perfect time to explore the lighter styles

Spring is a great time of longer days and new growth – take advantage of it while you can!

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