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Planning To Be Successful

In the first two sessions of our Webinar Series, we highlighted the fact that for a direct to consumer program to be successful, planning is important.  Whether you have an existing program or are just starting out, it is necessary to have goals in place and constantly measure the effectiveness of your program.

As we go into the busiest time of year, now is the time to plan your strategy for the rest of the year, if you have not already done so


  • Evaluate the first half of 2013.  Were your sales where you want them to be?  Where was the growth or decline?  Take a look at what was successful and continue to improve those areas.
  • Try something new.  If something is not working or you have the basics in place but would like to branch out, now is the time to step it up.  Incorporate a blog detailing your harvest journey on your website, start that new Instagram account or post some videos to YouTube.
  • Dig in your cellar for those special wines.  The holidays are a perfect time to offer library and vertical selections for those special occasions.  Do an inventory and see what exciting packages you can put together for your best customers.
  • Connect with your customers.  Reach out through email, social media, print and every other avenue you can think of to get them engaged with you and your wine.  Harvest provides a great opportunity to promote your wine – don’t pass it up!

Most importantly, have fun and show your personality! Your wine lovers are just waiting to hear from you, so don’t disappoint them!


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