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Collecting Customer Data

Growing your database should be one of your key objectives for your direct sales program.  As we head into the busy fall visitor season, you may want to review your customer data collection techniques to make sure you are capturing key information on customers so you can continue to keep them engaged with your brand.

1)  Signup form in the Tasting Room or at events.  Use individual signup cards rather than a signup “sheet”.  If you are busy, customers do not have to stand in line to share their information – they can simply take one to a nearby counter and fill it out at their leisure.  Include an acknowledgement check box to “join the list” so you have a record of their opt-in.  They can also take it with them, so be sure to have your contact information on it (just like a business card) so they can easily go online and complete the action.

2)  Electronic onsite signup.  You may have the ability to capture customer information directly into your system from an electronic signup form which you can pull up on an iPad or a computer kiosk.  This is a great way to get information – most people love playing with devices.

3) Online signup form.  Make sure you have a comprehensive signup form on your website and then drive traffic to that form through social media or personalized communications.

4) Facebook signup form.  You may have a lot of people who “like” you but you may not have their information in your database, so put an online mailing list form directly on your Facebook page and ask people to fill it out.

Whatever techniques you use, make sure you have the tools in place to make it easy for customers to share their information with you.


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