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Share Harvest With Your Customers

harvestHarvest is the most exciting time of year in the wine country – the smell of crushed and fermenting grapes wafts through the air and trucks hauling loads of freshly picked fruit are seen everywhere.  It is also the busiest tourist season in wine country – people interested in how wine is actually made love to see the winery in action.

But what about those wine aficionados who are not lucky enough to visit during harvest?  You can recreate the experience for them online and make them feel part of the action, even if they are all the way across the country.

1) Send a harvest email, detailing when you are picking grapes, what happens in the cellar, how much tonnage you have, how you handsort the grapes – whatever you are doing, share it.

2)  Post pictures on Facebook, Instagram and/or Pinterest capturing daily activities in the vineyards or the cellar.  People can be instantly transported to your winery through your descriptions of pressing grapes – and then actually showing them pictures of the process.

3)  Make a video and post it online.  It doesn’t have to be professional grade, although this is a great time of year to invest in some professional video for use throughout the year – simply post short, fun videos of happenings in the vineyard and winery.  Tell a story – show the progression of the grapes being picked, transported to the winery, then put into the crusher and tanks.  Add the personal touch of stories or laughter and people will be enthralled.

4) Tweet daily about activities.  If your winemaker is on Twitter, all the better – get an authentic voice and keep people up-to-date in 140 characters or less.

5)  Update your website with the latest news – include projected harvest dates, harvest events or the people who are working in the cellar, crafting the latest vintage.

Harvest is all about a new vintage and that should include creating new buzz – happy harvesting!


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