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The Advantage of Different Format Bottles

I am often asked by clients about the best way to market large or small format bottles – based on some demand from the market as well as consumers, wineries will make a lot or make a few of these specialty bottles.  Whatever the quantity, they can really boost your direct sales program if they are presented to your customers correctly.  Here are some tips to marketing those different size formats:

Additional selling power. If you are a small winery with few varietals, switching up the formats can give you another buying option for your customers.  Additionally, you can feature a large format in a wine club shipment to round out your annual selections.

Put it on display.  If you have a tasting room, be sure to display the different size bottles – and then make sure your tasting room staff talks about them.

Focus on collectors.  Wine collectors prefer a 1.5L bottle for cellaring wine – it ages slower and differently than a 750ml bottle (and makes an impressive show when it is finally opened).  Target the big buyers on your list, making a special offer to just to them, especially if quantities are limited.

Small bottles have their place.  I have talked to many customers who love the 375ml bottles – individuals don’t feel bad about opening a bottle with dinner just for themselves.  Couples may have different tastes in wine, so they can each have their own bottle to enjoy without feel like they are compromising.

Holiday and event sharing.  The fall is the perfect time to promote large formats – family holiday gatherings (or even Sunday football games with the gang) are perfect opportunities to open that large bottle and pass it around.

Regardless of size or quantity, If you make different size formats bottles, be sure to include their release and marketing in your overall plan.


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