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Cross-Marketing: Selling More Than Just Your Wine

I was recently asked how to effectively feature and sell wine for someone who has a successful remote destination resort.  Their wine tends to get lost in translation and is not featured well to their property guests because they are so busy trying to actually get people onsite (and once they are onsite, they tend to be busy).  This brings up an interesting point – many times vintners are more than just winemakers.  They may own a restaurant, a resort or other merchandise or services and aren’t quite sure how to put the wine in the mix.

First, this is a great problem to have – cross-marketing creates more exposure for everything you do, so look upon it as a blessing!  The important thing to keep in mind is to make everything shine equally so that it supports your overall goals.

Integrate your wine with your guest experience.  Arrange a complimentary tasting, a session with the winemaker or a tour of the cellar. Make them feel special and let them know your wines are special.

Feature the wine with food pairings.  All wine producers should be able to show guests how the wine enhances dining experiences – make it fun and encourage them to experiment on their own.

Include the wine in all the press you release.  If you have a brochure or communication plan for your resort or other business, include information on the wine.  If it is part of what you do, it should have a prominent place with key information about the vineyards or varietals.

Having more than one business that integrates with your winery can be a great source of content for social media and communications.  Be sure to layout your plan and calendar so that wine plays just as prominent a role as the rest of the business.

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