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Capturing Your Customer’s Attention

I just read an article from Wines & Vines about the growth of wineries in North America – with over 7, 000 wineries vying for attention from customers, how do you stand out?  Here are a few tips:

Tell your story effectively.  What makes you unique?  Find something about your brand that customers can relate to and be consistent in your message across all marketing platforms.

Find partners for content and customers.  Reach out to industries related to wine (food being the most obvious) and push your message out through their platforms.  Find a chef that can produce pairing recipes or a restaurant that can host a branded wine dinner.  Everyone wants to collaborate, so do some research and find the best fit for your brand.

Go where your customers are.  By analyzing and segmenting your database, you should be able to find out where your customers live and how they interact with you.  Whether it is market visits or pushing content through mobile, make sure you are part of their world.

Personalize your customer service.  Make sure your current customers feel wanted and loved – do whatever you can to respond to them quickly and effectively.   Target messages to their buying habits and preferences and show them you really do care.

Give them a unique onsite experience.  Most new customers come to you through your Tasting Room.  Make sure their experience is pleasant, unique and personalized.  Once you give them a good experience, they will keep coming back for more – and refer their friends.

With just a little effort, you can stand out from the crowd and engage your customer with personalized service and communication.  Cheers!

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