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Integrate Your Promotions

Since we just celebrated one of the first “celebratory events” of the year – Valentine’s Day – it is time to take a look at your promotional calendar and make sure that any offers you choose to promote throughout the year are integrated across all channels (or are deliberately segmented based on historical data).

Celebratory holidays such as St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas give you a simple opportunity to promote your brand and offer up a selection that is perfect for each event.  That Pinot Noir may pair beautifully with Easter ham, so why not let your customers know and encourage them to order?  Or give them a recipe that will help them impress their friends and family, working in the wine you would like to offer.  You can offer a special price for a limited time or include shipping in the event price – whatever works for your brand.

Now that you have decided on a feature wine or offer, make sure you push it out through different channels including email, social media and onsite tastings.  If you would like to track what channels are most effective (and you should!), make sure you set up different coupon codes for each channel so that it is easy to track within your systems. This will help you make future decisions on promotions:  maybe the Tasting Room sold a ton of the wine but your online sales were flat.  That may indicate that your online customers are looking for something different or a better incentive – work with your customer base and begin to track preferences and results.  Building a promotion history will allow you to effectively create and manage your offerings throughout the year.

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