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Print is dead. Or is it?

The world is turning more and more to digital content – it is easy and inexpensive to produce, access, and promote.  But print materials should still be a integral part of your direct to consumer experience.  Here are some ways to maximize the use of print collateral to help engage your customers:

printThe Wine Club Brochure

The wine club brochure is a helpful tool for your Tasting Room staff and it gives the customer something tangible to touch and feel, making it more real.  The brochure should mirror your branding (along with your website, labels and online medias) and should include:

  • Benefits
  • Cost
  • Frequency
  • Featured Wines

Ideally, it should designed is such a way that the customer can fill out the form that you can keep (and yes, you should get a signature on every wine club signup – they are useful when customers or credit card companies dispute charges) but they can retain the club information to take with them for their reference.

The Welcome Postcard

Create a generic (or specific) postcard to send out to new customers and wine club members.  Be sure you take advantage of graphics and use a stunning picture of your bottle or winery on the front to further your branding.  Offer an incentive to purchase on the back – it can be a percentage or dollar discount but be sure to use a distinct coupon code in your system to track the results.

Whether or not they take advantage of the offer, they know that you appreciate their business and that you are willing to make a further commitment to gain their loyalty.

The Wine Club Newsletter

It is important to include collateral material with every shipment, but it is especially important for your wine club shipments.  These are your best customers and you have an opportunity to engage them, so take advantage of it.  Think about what the customer experiences when they open a shipment.  Is the wine wrapped?  Are the materials on top?  It gives them something to read and get excited about before opening and drinking the wine.

The newsletter can include:

Wine notes about the wine in the shipment.  If people are sharing the wine with friends or family, they want to sound educated about it, so help them out.

Recipes. Include a recipe that pairs with the wine – and make sure the recipe uses the wine!  Make them open that bottle, enjoy it and then order more.

Coupons or deals. Encourage them to buy more wine.  Put a coupon code in for their next order or even a small insert to make it stand out.

A story from the winery.   Tell people what is going on in at the winery or vineyards – and make them want to come visit or remind them of their experience when they have visited in the past.  Everyone wants that connection to the winery.

The next shipment.  Let them know what is coming up in their next shipment so they can plan ahead and keep them engaged.  Create anticipation.

While print materials can be expensive, they can pay off in the long run.  Print is not dead – just use collateral wisely and monitor the results so you can see the impact.

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