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What Your Customers REALLY Want

We all think we know our customers and why they are interested in our brand.  But there are a few things that remain constant about customer needs, regardless of production size, appellation or pricing:

customerThey want to feel connected. Your customer may have come to visit you, enjoyed a tasting (through the tasting room, VIP service or any variety of experiences in-between) and is now at home trying to recreate that positive experience.  Make sure you communicate regularly with winery updates and give them a reason to consistently purchase your wine and share it with friends.  They are just waiting for that opportunity, so take advantage of it.

They want excellent customer service.  We all know there are orders that go astray, are charged incorrectly or damaged in transit.  Your customers are human, too, so they understand when problems arise.  Or perhaps they want to reorder but have questions or just want to talk to someone about their options.  Your job is to be there for them at all times and communicate.  Implement a system that allows frequent customer communication monitoring and a policy that allows prompt, courteous customer service solutions to all issues.

They want to feel good about their purchase.  Whether you are a high-end, limited production, highly allocated wine or a million case producer, your customer wants to make sure there is value in what you are selling.  That value can be access to wine that very few can get or it can come in the form of pricing and discounts – regardless, the customer has to feel that the money they spend is worth it so they keep coming back for more.

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