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Key Questions to Ask on Your Next Wine Club Survey

Making changes to your  wine club or allocation program should always be carefully considered.  If your program is stagnant and you are no longer growing your wine club, or if you are receiving more cancellations than signups, it may be time to find out the root of the problem.

The best way to find out what your customers want in a wine club or allocation program is by asking them (I know, it is a crazy notion!).  Set up a short survey that includes key program concepts to help you formulate the changes you are thinking about making.  If you try to implement changes without feedback from the very people you are serving, you run the risk of getting very little buy-in for the new program.

Ask questions like:

How often would you like to receive shipments?  In every survey I have ever sent, the answer is always more than the winery thinks – those twice-a-year shipments are way too few for the majority of  your customers.

How many bottles would you like to receive in each shipment?  Give them a choice and present the new options you are thinking about – not only will they tell you how much wine they want but it will plant the seed of change going forward.

What is your wine preference?  Are you thinking about adding some different varietals to your portfolio?  Adding a “Cabernet only” option?  This will give you a good indication of what your customers value in your portfolio.

Rank the importance of benefits.  Surprisingly, discounts will not come out on top of this list (at least they shouldn’t – if they are, you are doing something wrong with your current program).  Exclusivity, access to special tasting options and personalized service will more than likely outrank any monetary benefits.

Be sure to position your survey questions to not only answer key questions that you may have but to also support any planned changes.  Again, this is an opportune time to give your customers early insight into any changes, so when those changes are implemented, there are no surprises.

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