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Happy New Year!

I know it happens every year but it always surprises me how fast the holiday season goes – and now we are beginning a new year with a fresh slate!  With consumers dealing with holiday bills, and thereby slow sales, January is a great month for planning the upcoming year.   Take the time to pull reports, do some analysis and take a look back at what worked and what didn’t.

Email campaigns. What did your customer respond to the most?  What action item got them to click through?  How can you drive up open rates and interaction?  By delving into the details, you can implement the most successful strategies in the year to come.

Social media.  Did you reach your social media goals?  What posts garnered the most “likes” and interaction?  Are you driving people to your sites from various platforms and are you posting consistently?  Now is a great time to set up that communications calendar that will keep you on track.

Fulfillment.  January is always the best time to review your fulfillment practices.  Do a cost analysis to make sure you are covering your costs and make rate changes, if necessary.  And then do a customer service analysis – is your fulfillment meeting your expectations?  If not, set up a meeting and address any issues.

Systems.  Hopefully, your CRM is working properly for you and not against you.  Pull your sales and wine club reports and determine what products, offers and shipments your customers responded to most.  Setup and take advantage of any new features your provider may have implemented – now is a good time to test and retest.

Releases.  Set up your annual release calendar and begin building in shipment dates and communications (understanding that it is always be subject to change).

Customer service.  Are your customers happy?  Take a look at recent communications and who is doing what to find any flaws or gaps.  Prompt response to inquiries and creative problem-solving are the goals, so take a look to make sure you are covering all aspects of your customer service.

It is always good to review the past when planning for the future, so take a little time for analysis and then put your plan for 2016 into place!


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