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Making the Most of Good Press

So you sent in your product to a popular trade publication to be reviewed and they gave an outstanding rating. Or maybe you submitted your wine to a competition and it came back as Best in Show.  How do you get that information out to your customers, both consumers and trade?

95pointsPost it on your website.  Put if front and center for all to see.  If you have more than one good review, create a dedicated section on your website.  Preserving these accolades for the future can be helpful to those researching the wine and it will show a history of excellence for your brand.

Send an email campaign.  Let both your consumers and trade partners know of the outstanding product you have for sale, with links for ordering.  Nothing spurs action like good reviews and the thought that they may miss out on this special product.

Create a shelftalker.  If the product is in the marketplace, make a shelftalker featuring the score and review on it and send to your retailers. Make it easy for them to promote – and sell!

Write a blog post.  Feature the product in the blog and explain how it was created and expand on its best attributes.  It will help define your story and will intrigue readers to find out more information about you and your brand.

Disseminate on social media.  Post through your social media channels, with a link for ordering, if appropriate.  Tag others to encourage reposting and try to spread the word far and wide.

Print up sheets for your Tasting Room.  If you have a Tasting Room, include a flyer on the counter with the recent review and/or score.  It will give people something to read as they are tasting and bring attention to that particular product and your brand excellence.

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