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Reorganizing Your Wine Club

Do you have a wine club that is just not working anymore?  Maybe it is difficult to manage?  Following a few basic premises, you can breathe life back into a stale program and begin to take it to the next level.

frequencyReset your goals.  What may have worked a few years ago isn’t working anymore due to inventory or facility changes.  Revisit your initial wine club goals and make sure they are still relevant.

Re-evalutate your management systems.  Is your software program still fulfilling your needs?  Do you have a reliable person in charge of your wine club?  Change is never easy but it can be the path to increased membership and more direct sales with reduced angst along the way.

Ask your customers what they want.  Too often, we decide what is right and wrong for our customers without their input.  Do an online survey and find out what is important to them – the answers might surprise you.

Grandfather existing customers into the old program, if necessary.  While recreating a Loyalty Club, it is important not to alienate old customers in search of new customers and realize some (most) people hate change, especially if there is no added benefit.  While attrition will eventually help you deal with an outdated program, be mindful that you still need to fulfill the needs of your most loyal fans.

Be consistent.  The most successful programs are those that are reliable and consistent, so be sure to just “improve” upon what you are already doing.

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