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Preparing for Christmas – in July

Yes, it is that time of year – it really is time to start thinking about the upcoming fall and holiday season.  The fourth quarter of the year is critical to the bottom line for many producers, so do some planning now and hit the ground running when fall arrives.

Here are some easy planning steps to help:

christmasMake a release schedule.  What do your fall releases and buying opportunities look like?  Have you scheduled shipping dates with your fulfillment company?  Whether you have a regular club shipment going out or if you have a new release shipping to your allocation list, make sure your shipper knows your dates and can accommodate you.

Schedule your communications.  Starting in August, lead up to any new releases you have coming out.  Determine your holiday packages, large format bottles, etc. and work those into your communications calendar.  You can always adjust as you implement but outlining the process now will build your foundation for the rest of the year.

Check your inventory.  If you want to put together some special packages for the holidays, make sure you have the products available and you set that inventory aside. Remember:  exclusivity is attractive, so make sure you pull out your limited wines during the holiday rush and promote until they are gone!

Outline Your Promotions.  Put together packages that appeal to all types of customers – both in price point and selection.  Now is the time to feature large format bottles and more expensive wines, so put together packages that will sell!

Start a Corporate Gift Program.  Many of your customers are influential at small and large businesses alike and a gift of your products can be a perfect way for them to thank their employees and vendors.  Put together a program that will appeal to those buyers – and set up the systems on the backend to make it easy for them to implement!

Need help with your fall releases and holiday sales?  Give us a call at 707-738-1301 or email us at  Happy Holidays!

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