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The Power of Video

Are you using video in your marketing?  If the answer is “yes”, good for you!  If the answer is “no”, consider integrating it into your overall marketing plan – you will be glad you did! 

Why video?  Video allows you to connect and build trust with your customers and it gives you a tool that can “go viral” and build interest in your wine across the world.  The overwhelming success of Gary Vaynerchuk is testiment to a good video marketing program – I just saw that just completed he 1000th episode on  Impressive! 

I have a client that is now doing their tasting notes via video as well as in print.  It gives the consumer a great sense of what they should expect in the wine – instead of a “sing-a-long”, have a ”taste-a-long” web event where you can gather fans of your brand together and do an online tasting with the winemaker or owner.  It is great way to get people involved, engaged and loyal to your brand.

Worried you don’t know the technology?  There are so many new and easy ways to create videos these days - you can create a video with an inexpensive camera phone or an expensive video camera.  The picture quality is not the most important element (although good sound is very important) – content rules!  And anyone can create a YouTube account and post the video – link to it from your website, email campaigns and social media and watch the interest grow!

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