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Spring Releases – Is It Too Soon?

In addition longer days, warmer weather and budding vines, Spring is a great time for wine releases.  Consumers have gotten over the shock of their holiday spending and are looking for new wines to enjoy.  When is a good time for release?

The answer to that is all about shipping – the past couple of months have been bitterly cold in parts of the country (never good for shipping – I believe the freezing temperature for wine is below 22 degrees) and parts of the south will warm up dramatically in the months to come.  April is the best month to ship in the Spring – most of the country is mild and the high temperatures haven’t yet set in.  Working the timeline backwards, that means March is a good time to start collecting those orders and get the wine ready for shipment.

In your annual release plan, it is always important to start with the dates the wine will be ready to ship rather than have your cash flow dictate your release schedule.  As much as your bank account would like the money earlier in the new year, be sure your winemaker has signed off on releasing and shipping the wine.  The one thing you don’t want to do is ship the wine when it is not at its best – if the consumer opens it and does not enjoy it, your future sales will be at risk.  We all know wine goes through phases throughout its life – monitoring the progression is essential to having a successful release.

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