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Integrating your Social Media Plan

At the recent Social Media for Wineries seminar in the Finger Lakes, we discussed several ways to integrate your social media program into your overall direct sales plan.  With the overall goal of “selling wine” (which should be the ultimate goal of every winery – sell your product!), how do you utilize social media to assist in the customer experience (and ultimately, increase your sales through customer engagement).  Here are few areas that you can actively use social media to enhance your current programs:

1)  Email campaigns – be sure  your links to your social media sites are always on your email communications and campaigns.  Make it easy to click and link.

2)  Print materials – do you have a print newsletter or Wine Club brochure that is mailed or included in shipments?  Be sure to brand your print materials with your featured social media sites – it will encourage people to visit and follow!

3)  Customer List – add fields for Twitter handles or Facebook profiles to your online and Tasting Room mailing list forms.  Begin collecting information from your key customers on which platforms they use and then make sure you are present in those arenas.

4)  Website – of course you have links to your social media on your website, right?  But what is the placement of those links?  Too prominent and you are wasting valuable real estate on things you could be telling people about your wine; not prominent enough and they get lost.  Links on the side or very top of the page (where they are not competing for attention) are best – although if your page fits in one screen like it should (with no scrolling), the bottom of the page works.

5) Online store – many online store solutions have the ability to link the customer experience right back to Twitter, Facebook and other programs.  Make sure you are using those tools to increase the chance your customers will share their purchases and thoughts on your wine – great instant referrals!

Get the word out across all communication portals about your social media sites and you will see your following increase – then make sure you engage!

Would you like more information on integrating direct marketing programs for your winery?  Please visit or email us at  Cheers!

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