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Connecting After the Visit

The ultimate goal of any winery with a tasting room is to get people in the door to taste their wines and share their passion.  The experience the customer has in the tasting room affects their behavior after they leave – hopefully, they will have a great experience,  buy your wine and share it with friends and family.  But your story shouldn’t stop there.

While the customer is in the Tasting Room and enjoying your wine, it is critical to get information about the customer in order to connect with him/her after their visit.  Have them fill out a mailing list card (yes, cards are better than a list on a clipboard in the Tasting Room – the information is kept private and the Tasting Toom staff can make notes on the back), capturing their physical address (important for geo-centric events), email address, phone number and any social media platforms in which that they regularly interact.  Taking it a  step further, you can ask them wine preferences, how they would like to communicate and other critical information that will assist you in customizing their experience after they leave.

Capturing the information is not enough – you need to have a solid communication plan in place in order to take full advantage of the good will you have created.  Include them on announcements about what is happening at the vineyard or winery, share information about upcoming events in their area and at the winery and let them know what new wines are coming out, especially if they have indicated a preference for a particular wine.  And don’t forget a “thank you” for visiting our tasting room or a welcome to the winery note – it is the little things that go a long way!

For more information on creating an ongoing communications plan, please contact us at  Cheers!

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