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Tell Your Story With Video

Have you jumped on the video bandwagon yet? Creating short videos can help you connect with your wine consumers and make them feel part of your winery. Wine tasting notes, event recaps and vineyard tours are all great ways to engage people in your wine. When producing videos, here are a few tips:

1) Set up a YouTube Channel – YouTube makes it easy to manage your videos and get feedback on content. You can also add the “channel” to your website – and who doesn’t want to own a video channel?

2) Keep it short – two to five minutes maximum. The attention span of the computer user is limited – you need to get in, engage and then get out.

3) Keep it authentic – many people think they have to have the most up-to-date video equipment to produce a segment. Not true! With the ease of today’s small digital cameras and even cell phones, it is easy to share and post videos. There is nothing more engaging to people than taking a walk through the vineyard with the winemaker on cell phone.

4) Make a plan – do you have a schedule of releases throughout the year? Why not schedule video wine tasting notes to correspond with the releases? Instead of print notes, add a link from your email campaign or website to a short video of the winemaker sharing his thoughts on the wine. People will pay attention and also feel like they have just tasted the wine – very engaging!

5) Be consistent and keep going – unlike Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber, you have a limited audience, so you will probably not be getting millions of hits a day. But keep track of what people are viewing and do more of those – target your topics and videos to your audience.


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