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Social Media Tips for Wineries

I recently sat through a great webinar with Guy Kawasaki, who is a legendary marketer (ever hear of the company “Apple”?).  He had some great tips on “enchanting” people on both Twitter and Facebook – here are few of the key takeaways and how they relate to the wine business:

Be likable – everyone likes wine, right?  Be outgoing and friendly and you have it made!

Be trustworthy – your consumers must trust you in order to maintain a good relationship and for them to continue to purchase wine from you.  This extends to your online store as well as your Tasting Room – make sure they feel comfortable with all communications and transactions.

Always be answering and thanking – engage with people who are “following” you or “liking” you.  If they follow you, follow them back and thank them; if they ask you a question or make a comment, reply as soon as possible.

Guy summarized Twitter and Facebook by saying “Twitter is a link economy and Facebook is a picture economy”.  That means always post on Twitter with a link and upload as many photos as you can in your Facebook updates to capture your customer’s interest and attention.

Some great tools for finding relevent links for any industry include StumbleUpon, Smartbrief and Alltop.  To monitor your social media (specifically Twitter and Facebook), recommended tools are Hibari, TweetRiver and TweetDeck.

Happy posting!

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